Royal Decadence and Sexy Bad Dragons

Love sexy dragon shifter billionaires? Ava Ward writes exquisite paranormal romance with bad dragons you’ll love to swoon over! 


Royal Dragon Bind:

Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #1

A Red Letter Hotel Romance


Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco


These royal dragons are more than a handful – they’ll take you on a ride!



Adrian Rhakvir – The Royal Dragon

Desert DragonS of morocco

Clan Leader of the Desert Dragons of Morocco and Head of the Red-Letter Hotel Paris, Adrian’s a renegade billionaire – and totally in love with Layla. But can he win her if he never tells her the truth about himself?

Layla Price – The Royal Dragon Bind

Desert Dragons of morocco

Layla is madly in love with Adrian – but can she trust him? Bound to him by magic the moment they met, Adrian lives inside Layla’s veins like a searing desert heat. But his secretive ways drive her crazy. So would a dragon who tells her the truth be more Layla’s style?


Dusk Arlohaim – The Crystal Dragon


Dusk is Layla’s boss at the Hotel, and Adrian’s foster-brother. The last of his clan and a powerful Royal in his own right, he’s Adrian’s rival. Can Layla have both men, or will the sexy brothers tear each other apart to have her?

Adam Rhakvir – The Royal Chimeric


Adam is Adrian’s cousin, and his second-in-command of the Desert Dragons of Morocco. A rare type of dragon shifter able to turn into mythical beasts like gryphons and sphinxes, he has the hots for Layla, but will his practicality as second in his clan overrule his bad boy nature?


Passion and Opulence


The Red Letter Hotel is a chain of elite, exclusive destinations for the ultra-rich around the globe. But is the Hotel everything Layla thinks it is – or is it something else entirely? 


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