Royal Dragon Bind: Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #1

She must give up everything she is to become who she was meant to be.

Layla Price’s life isn’t what it should be. Bartending in Seattle sucks, and with a PhD in International Relations but no jobs available, she can’t afford rent, much less pay her student loans.

So when a ridiculously hot billionaire shows up at Layla’s favorite art gallery and purchases a priceless Moroccan wrist cuff, gifting it to her with an offer to work for him, should she take it?

The Red Letter Hotel is an exclusive business shrouded in secrets. But when Hot Mystery Guy runs out on her and all Layla gets is a business card with no name and an international number – plus the memory of his unreal aqua eyes that burn with hot desert winds – her life goes up in flames.

Call this number, he said. Become who you were meant to be.

But who is that – and does she dare find out?

What Readers are Saying:


"Oh my, my, my! I’m in love! This is a beautiful page turner. A perfect mix of romance, fantasy, and suspense with the different worlds, dimensions, and species. I can’t wait to get into the politics, history, and the love story! Ava Ward is off to an awesome start!" – Queen Nuba, Advance Reader

"Your sample of Royal Dragon Bind was simply delightful! The fiery passion between Layla and her stranger left me jealous. Thanks for the taste!" – Thom G., AWR Reader

"The battle of wits between Layla and Adrian was intense – I loved it!!! And a supernatural Palace of Versailles in an alternate realm? Fantastic!" Kimmy B., Advance Reader

"I loved this book!!! Always so impressed with Ms. Ward's work!" – Marco C., Advance Reader

"Am loving the story! Finding it hard to put down." Fiona A., Advance Reader

"Ms. Ward so delightfully builds up characters, every one of them was memorable and delightful! Basically, I enjoyed every word. In fact, I have just decided to re-read in order to enjoy even more. Thank you Ava for such a beautiful escape into the Twilight Realm!" – Eileen M., Advance Reader

"OMG!!!!!! Love the snippets! I need to read the rest!!!!!!!!"Judy C., AWR Reader




Crystal Dragon’s Kiss: Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #2


She’s the strongest Dragon of the century. But can she master her power before someone else traps her with it?

Layla Price is a Royal Dragon Bind, a rare and dangerous type of Dragon-shifter. Able to bind other Dragons to her will, Layla’s power calls only the strongest mates.

But after nearly killing her ex-boyfriend in Seattle with her magic, she’s got a target on her back. As a dark force begins to hunt her, Layla finds herself fighting alone – her Royal Dragon lover, the renegade billionaire Adrian Rhakvir, absent on mysterious business.

And when her power attracts new protectors – including her hot Crystal Dragon boss at the Red Letter Hotel Paris – Layla must make a choice.

Can she wait for Adrian to return?

Or will she take a new lover to fight at her side through the darkness?